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                                               ABOUT ME 

I live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I have a steady boyfriend. Aside of writing I'm also an avid clicker for hungersite.com and freerice.com. Different color tabs for different charity help that the United Nations has for the hungersite.com helps the world with just a click a day. Freerice.com is a game to add grains of rice for the hungry in the world. It takes 29,000 grains of rice to make a pound of rice to donate to the world. Both sites are via the United Nations that helps the world. Come join the fun and help the world @ hungersite.com! There are contests at the animal tab with the purple paws on the top of the page and when you're done clicking to help animals worldwide go down to the help animal shelters with money in your State. Fun and great help to people and animals all around the world.



Honolulu, Hawaii